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    Petite PARADE Stride Rite Children’s Group Showcase

    If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Stride Rite and over the weekend I attended their fashion show, part of the Petite PARADE Kids Fashion Week. They had the most adorable emcees kick off the show. They’re twin models, TV personalities, actors and reporters – Tristin and Tyler. Absolutely meant to be in the public eye. Now, I know we’re just kicking off Autumn in the NYC area (and it’s my favorite season), but their coming line has me wishing for Spring again. I loved the colors of all the footwear on the runway yesterday. Coloful, fun and sporty. All the things that kids should be. I’m not…

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    Music, Robots, Fashion and Treats – 3rd Annual Healthy Green Halloween

    Want to make more use out of those Halloween costumes? Then check out the 3rd Annual Healthy & Green Halloween expo hosted by my wonderful friends at Metro Moms Network. The kids will have tons of fun trick-or-treating, LEGO building and fun prizes while you get to listen to legend and Maxwell’s performer Joe Bendik, see the latest fall fashions from GAP and have piece of mind knowing the kiddies are having fun and receiving healthy treats. What’s even better than all the great fun and festivities? A FREE ticket for the family (up to 6 people) plus FREE parking. We’re giving away a free ticket set to two families. Enter by Wednesday, October…

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    Review: Tupperware FridgeSmart® Containers

    Earlier this month I received four complimentary samples of the Tupperware  FridgeSmart® Containers in various sizes. I don’t usually use tupperware for storage in my refrigerator – mostly only for lunches for hubs, lil man and myself, but when I received the offer for samples I was intrigued to see what the results would be from my review. The day I received the containers I went to the market to purchase produce. I bought two bunches each of scallions, parsley and flower chives because I wanted to compare the Tupperware FridgeSmart containers with the storage bins in my fridge. Day 1 (9/1/2013) – first photo pictures the produce for the fridge…

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    The Eva Mendes Fashion Collection has Arrived in New York and Company #EvaMendesNYC

    Have you heard? Today is the day actress Eva Mendes officially launched her fashion collection at New York and Company. Well, technically it was available last night at the red carpet event at the New York & Company flagship store in NYC, but this morning they made this exclusive Collection available on-line and in select stores. I had the opportunity to check out the line yesterday and take photos at the red carpet as a writer for Lady and the Blog. Festivities were crazy with excitement. It brought me back to my event planning days when I used to work in retail planning in-store events and celebrity appearances. But, hey,…

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    Review: Stride Rite Back to School Fall Fashion 2013 Footwear

    If there was ever a brand I truly loved, it’s Stride Rite. As a child, I vividly remember my mom taking me to Stride Rite twice a year to buy new shoes for school and for the Lunar New Year. I was always so excited to pick out a new pair. As an adult, I’m eager to have to my children fall in love with Stride Rite as much as I did. Whenever we’re at the mall, we drop into Stride Rite. My lil man always gets blown away by all the amount of shoes on display. When I was asked if I wanted samples of the new Fall Fashion…

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    Ten Ways to Help End Childhood Hunger During No Kid Hungry Month

    Did you know that? I only recently heard about this awareness month through my Social Good network #PANJ4Good. With September being No Kid Hungry Month, it’s such an important campaign to share and get involved with because there are so many children going without proper food and nutrition in America. Here are some statistics from NoKidHungry.org  These statistics are astounding! It pains me to hear little innocent children are starving and not receiving the nutrition they need to grow healthy and live normal and happy lives. So, what can be done about this epidemic across America? The No Kid Hungry campaign is working to end childhood hunger in America: Access –…

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    Review: New Luvs NightLock Diapers and Giveaway

    This past week I’ve been participating in a Double Duty Divas campaign testing the new Luvs NightLock Diapers. I applied for the program for three reasons: The diapers we’re using now recently began not holding up overnight for my lil lady If they don’t leak during the night, they leak right when we pick her up from the crib and it gets “squished” when our arm pushes on the diaper or after she sits I was considering testing out the Luvs diaper brand, but hadn’t wanted to purchase a pack in case it didn’t work All in all, it was perfect timing because these diapers were made purposely for overnight…

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    Cancer Sucks

    I’m no stranger to cancer. I’m not a survivor of any cancer form, but many men and women in my life are. My aunt, my moms friends, my step-mom, my friends fathers, uncles, moms and aunts and yes, even children … the list goes on. With exception to one uncle, so far I’ve been fortunate to have many survivors remain in my life. Today, I found out the wife of a colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I’ve not known my colleague long and have never met his wife, I’m very saddened by this news. I know the road they are going down now that they have discovered this…

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    Texting and Driving: It Can Wait Pledge and Giveaway

    The last couple months, I’ve noticed an increase in people taking a pledge to not text and drive. It trigged a thought in my mind and I started thinking about what I do when I’m driving. I have two small children. Life has become about them and not much else. Hubs and I have even discussed what would happen if we passed away suddenly. Who would take care of them? There are so many factors in life I can think about, and I can’t control when I might leave this world, but I can control NOT contributing to the dangers that might take my life. So, last month, I decided to turn…

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    Moodboard Monday: Beat the Heat with the Kids!

    This summer is one of the hottest! Be sure to cool down and have some fun in the sun with your kids with these summer activities right in your backyard. Resources: 5 Water Balloon Game Ideas: Local Fun for Kids Swimming Pool Scrabble: Toddler Approved Water Gun Tag: Parenting Splash & Score: Spoonful DIY Slip & Slide: Geek Dad Kiddie Car Wash: Mom Endeavors Shave Cream Slip & Slide: Play Create Explore Sponge Bombs: Whipperberry