Boy Am I Tired & 5 Reasons I Miss Naps

I don’t have much to say today… except … boy am I tired. lol.

My 14 month old baby boy is completely tiring me out. He has an abundance of energy. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with him. And to top it off, he hasn’t wanted to take naps recently. He was doing 2-3 hour naps once or twice a day for the last few months. This past week he’s just done 10 – 30 minutes a day. I can only do so much running, jumping, lifting, rolling and everything else with him in one day. It just makes me so worn out by mid-day. What is a mom to do with a kid who has endless energy?

I’d love for him to nap every day and here’s 5 reasons why I miss naptime:

  1. He doesn’t get nutty mid-way through the day
  2. I get some work done
  3. Rest and relaxation
  4. Time for household chores
  5. Quiet time or reading time or writing time (did that count as 3?)

Oh and I guess there’s one more reason.. Lil man does not usually sleep for the night until somewhere between 10-1130pm. Once he’s down then he’ll sleep until 10am the next day. When he doesn’t nap during the day, he conks out at 9pm and then wakes between 3 and 5am. This early rising just doesn’t make for great sleeping patterns for us. It’s just plain exhausting. I’d definitely pick the 10pm bedtime over the 3am wake and play time.

If you’re having trouble with naptime here are some articles I found you can check out:

And here’s a link to the book:

I just started reading this book because a few people recommended it to me. The link above will take you to of which I’m an affiliate.

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  • Jennifer Hankey at Organic Baby U

    I don’t have a suggestion but can feel your pain! I am in a very similar boat (minus the nighttime sleep problems as my daughter sleeps 7 to 7 no problem. But I am 6 months pregnant and have an extremely active 16 month old. I am worn out trying to entertain! I do find that getting out of the house helps a lot. Getting to the park to run around, the pool, having playdates…anything that expends a lot of energy definitely helps get good naps and a happy baby! But there are still those days where I feel out of ideas and energy! (Especially in early afternoon!) I would love to hear what other moms do!

    • YippyMomma

      Hi Jennifer. Wow! Congrats on your pregnancy. I can’t imagine being preggo with Reilly so active. Helping with raise the kids in my family wasn’t as bad b/c they’re all at least 3 years apart. So we were bale to communicate well with the kids and they would calm down when asked. There’s just no stopping lil man. I’ve been trying to take him out, park, playdates and he’ll sleep on the way home but will wake up once he’s home. So we only get 20/30 min nap time max. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy. Thanks so much for dropping by!

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