Foster puppy Cornbread with the Yippy Momma Rita and her kids

Becoming a Hounds In Pounds Foster Puppy Family

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this blog so I’ll reintroduce myself.

I’m Rita and these are my kiddos. Most people know them as Lil man, Lil lady and Lil mister. And the cute puppy is Cornbread, our foster puppy from Hounds In Pounds, Inc. – an animal rescue organization.

It’s been 11 years since we’ve had a dog in our house. I grew up with dogs my entire life. We’ve had more than 10 dogs in our family, I’ve always felt “naked” without a puppy. But losing my last pup, Quincy, 11 years ago was hard. I went from doggie mom to being pregnant with my first son after a miscarriage to new mom and I poured everything into my baby. 

I’ve felt the pull to foster for some time now. I’ve always known I would eventually become a dog mom again at some point, but I just wasn’t sure when. My two oldest loved dogs when they were younger, but became afraid of dogs because of an experience with a dog that used to live in our neighborhood so the timing had to be right. Fortunately, when my youngest son came along, he loves dogs just as much as I do so his enthusiasm was infectious to his older siblings. We’ve since done some dog sitting and found my kids are no longer afraid of dogs. It makes me so happy. The problem for us then become finding the an organization with the right fit. After years of looking, last month we found Hounds In Pounds, and I felt the immediate connection.

We applied to foster, and here we are with Cornbread four weeks later.

The entire experience from application to approval to picking up Cornbread was amazing. The foster program is so well organized by their foster coordinator. She made everything simple and easy for us to get started and answered all our questions. She still answers all our questions and checks in with us about Cornbread. I’m so glad we found Hounds In Pounds. Another thing I love about their foster program? They provided all the supplies we needed for the puppy including puppy food, leash, crate, doggie bed and training pads. Doing this makes it so easy to get started with fostering a dog through Hounds In Pounds. And as a first time puppy foster, it just made things a lot less stressful.

The kids are happy to have a little pup in the house for the holidays. Our holiday wish is for the pup to be matched with a forever home in January. (Could it be you?)

Cornbread, foster puppy through Hounds In Pounds, Inc.

Cornbread is so cute! Our Sister fosters down South did an amazing job training him after being rescued. He’s doing really well with potty training. He’s crate trained. Friendly. Great with kids. Loves a good rub down. Doesn’t bark, except for the one time he saw a neighbors dog the first time with a “hey, play with me” bark. He stopped barking when I patted him and asked him to stop barking. He saw the same dog a couple days later and just sat down on the front lawn and didn’t bark. Just whimpered a teeny bit in hopes the pup would play with him.

Cornbread would make an amazing puppy for his furever family. Will it be you?

If you’re looking to adopt a pup, click over to Hounds In Pounds to complete an application. Be sure to read about the adoption process here. You can click here to go to the available dogs page to read more about Cornbread, then click the “adopt” button below his photo. He so deserves an amazing forever home. I hope it can be yours.

Cornbread, foster puppy from Hounds In Pounds, Inc. Looking sideways

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