Review: Stride Rite Back to School Fall Fashion 2013 Footwear

If there was ever a brand I truly loved, it’s Stride Rite. As a child, I vividly remember my mom taking me to Stride Rite twice a year to buy new shoes for school and for the Lunar New Year. I was always so excited to pick out a new pair. As an adult, I’m eager to have to my children fall in love with Stride Rite as much as I did. Whenever we’re at the mall, we drop into Stride Rite. My lil man always gets blown away by all the amount of shoes on display.

When I was asked if I wanted samples of the new Fall Fashion line from Stride Rite, I was so excited! Checking out the look book bought me back to the days when I was shopping for my own shoes with my mom. I loved everything in their 2013 Fall Trend Book. Pick one thing for each child? My goodness was that tough. Why? Because Stride Rite includes so many brands and styles including Stride Rite, Keds, Sperry Top-Sider, Saucony, Keds and Jessica Simpson. They not only look great, they are functional. So, instead of me trying to choose, I gave them a list of colors and the style of clothing my lil ones usually wear and like so they could pick for me.

Needless to say, when the package arrived, it was like Christmas for us. Opening the box was like opening an early present and I’m exaggerating. I couldn’t wait to see what footwear they had chosen to send us. I cut the seal and my lil man did the rest. He was so excited, he almost couldn’t contain himself. Lil man’s face lit up when he opened the box and pulled away the tissue paper. He immediately said he wanted to put them on. So, here’s what Stride Rite sent for our lil man – The Saucony Ride 6:
Stride Rite 2013 Back To School Fall Fashion Saucony
As I used to work for a footwear company, I’m no stranger to Saucony. It’s a fantastic brand for runners. Which is perfect for my lil man. Why? Because he’s a runner. Lil man began walking at 9 months and started running not long after that. You can see the excitement in lil man’s face in this photo:
Stride Rite 2013 Back To School Fall Fashion
While lil man loves bright colors, he’s never really been into bright green, but we absolutely love the color combination on this pair of Saucony especially since orange is one of his favorite colors! I asked him if he liked the shoes, and of course, he said yes. When I asked him why, he answered “because I can run!” because these shoes are extremely light-weight and flexible.

Here’s more details on the Saucony Ride 6:

  • Grid system provides superior cushioning
  • Anti-microbial lining to fight odor
  • Leather and mesh upper
  • Easy alternative closure
  • Deep flex grooves for ultimate flexibility
  • Rubber outsole for superior traction
  • Available in medium, wide, and extra-wide widths

Lil man’s been wearing these sneakers every day since their arrival. But, what about our lil lady? These samples came in perfect timing because our lil lady started walking the day after her birthday a few weeks ago and we’ve been in search for a pair of shoes for her.

Knowing she just started walking, Stride Rite sent these shoes for her to try – Disney Baby TINKER BELL SRT Soft Motion Shoes by Stride Rite® featuring DISNEY FAIRIES:
Stride Rite 2013 Back To School Fall Fashion Disney Baby TINKER BELL
These are light-weight and flexible also. Perfect for her to run in because she’s already running after her big brother.
Stride Rite 2013 Back To School Fall Fashion
I also love that they’re wide because my lil lady has wide feet, so these shoes are easy to slip on especially when she’s not wearing socks. We use thinner cotton socks now when wearing these shoes as they’re easier to slip on than with the socks pictured above. There’s also a small tab in the back of these Disney Baby shoes. I use the tab to help pull on her shoes when we do wear the thicker cotton socks.
Stride Rite 2013 Back To School Fall Fashion

Here’s more details on the shoe:

  • Patented SRT™ Soft Motion™ including a removable Check Fit™ sizing insole
  • Rounded edges to decrease stumbles and falls
  • Deep flex grooves to enable natural movement
  • Leather upper
  • Easy hook-and-loop closure
  • Mesh linings for breathability
  • Available in medium and wide widths

SRT™ Soft Motion™ Patented construction protects little feet without restricting movement for the cruising phase until wobbly walkers are confident and stable. Its unique shape designed to mimic and contour the natural shape of the foot combined with its lightweight, ultra-flexible outsole and rounded edges help little feet feel the ground beneath them and is proven to reduce stumbles and falls. A removable Check Fit™ sizing insole makes it simple to tell if the shoe fits or if it’s time for a bigger size.

What more can I say? We absolutely love these shoes. I’m a Stride Rite mom thru and thru.



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