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Ten Ways to Help End Childhood Hunger During No Kid Hungry Month

Did you know that? I only recently heard about this awareness month through my Social Good network #PANJ4Good. With September being No Kid Hungry Month, it’s such an important campaign to share and get involved with because there are so many children going without proper food and nutrition in America.

Here are some statistics from

No Kid Hungry

No Kid HungryNo Kid Hungry

 These statistics are astounding! It pains me to hear little innocent children are starving and not receiving the nutrition they need to grow healthy and live normal and happy lives.

So, what can be done about this epidemic across America? The No Kid Hungry campaign is working to end childhood hunger in America:

  • Access – By connecting kids to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summermeals
  • Education – Through the Cooking Matters program, the No Kid Hungry campaign is educating and empowering low-income families to stretch their food budgets so their kids get healthy meals at home
  • Awareness – The campaign is working to increase the spotlight on childhood hunger in America through partnerships and enlisting influential individuals

Now, you can join the No Kid Hungry campaign by taking action:

  1. Pledge to help end childhood hunger by dining out at participating restaurants near you – search for one near you by clicking here
  2. End hunger in your community by volunteering your time or donating food to a local pantry – search for an organization in you neighborhood by clicking here and entering your zip code on the No Kid Hungry website
  3. Organize a food drive to donate to a local pantry
  4. Make a donation on the No Kid Hungry donation form
  5. Make a memorial or honor gift in a loved one’s name on
  6. Join the Hunger Core – No Kid Hungry’s Monthly Giving Club
  7. Start a fundraier for No Kid Hungry by creating a fundraising page
  8. Give the gift of stocks or arrange bequest giving
  9. Arrange for a corporate donation at work
  10. You can even make a donation today check out details on their website

 Ten easy, simple and effective actions for you. Which will you choose?

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