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How to Help the Families in Newtown, CT

I am still quite in shock about what happened to the innocent children, teachers and families at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

There is not much I can do for them. I cannot bring their children back. I cannot heal their hearts.

What I can do is very little, but for what it’s worth, here I spread the word for those looking for a way to donate to the families in Newtown CT, a friend gave me this link. Her cousin-in-law lives in Newtown who passed this information to her and she’s passed it to me. Now I pass it to you in hopes that every little bit will help:

If you’re wondering how you know whether this organization will indeed donate to the families here is the Minuteman News Center article of their statement:

There’s also a Facebook page: R.I.P. Sandy Hook Elementary School Children.


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