My Shock at the Newtown, CT, Sandy Hook Elementary School News

Late this afternoon, I was done with work so I decided to do a quick check on my Facebook account as my kids were due to wake up from their naps soon. As my newsfeed was updating, I noticed a couple statuses about prayers for Connecticut. I decided to Google CT latest news.

I was no prepared to read what I read.

At that moment, my kids both woke up from their naps while tears were running down my face. I held them both tightly and gave them kisses. My oldest, at 2-1/2 years old looked at me with confusion and asked why I was crying. I did not know what to say to him and so all I could convey was, “I’m very sad baby.” Then he proceeded to give me a hug.

I was and still am in shock to say the least. How can someone shoot at children? Ages 5-10. I am so sad by this news and wish I could reach out and give hugs to each of the parents who lost their innocent children today. But even if I could it would not bring any of the children back to life. I can only pray for the families and hope that one day they will be able to remember their children not with sad memories but with fond ones.

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Photo from Google by Michael A. Orlando

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