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Pampers: Gift of Sleep Give Back

As a member of the Double Duty Divas network, I applied for and was chosen a couple weeks ago to participate in the Pampers Gift of Sleep Give Back program. As part of the program, I received my package included Pampers product as well as $100 gift card to give me the opportunity to give the “Gift of Sleep” to a family or baby in my community. Plus, we were also given the opportunity to host a giveaway with the Give Back post, which includes a Sleep Sheep Sound Machine, cozy blankets for Mom/Baby and a $50 gift card. But, to make it official, I need to include this legalese disclaimer: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

I applied for this program because I was really excited about having the opportunity to give someone a gift not because of the “perks” so I decided to gift  not just one packaging, but both! So basically, I’m receiving nothing in return except the satisfaction that I’m making two wonderful moms happy when they receive their packages. Well, actually three… the $100 gift recipient, the $50 gift recipient and the giveaway recipient. That makes me ubber happy. Yay!

My first recipient… I chose a friend from my photography network. Now, I’ve never met her in person, but we’ve interacted a lot of have become friends online over the last few years. I love her work, of course. Her name is Arden Prucha. Arden is a wedding and portrait photographer in Fort Worth, TX, who owns Arden Prucha Photography. When I heard about the Pampers Gift of Sleep program, my immediate choice was Arden and I really hoped I would be chosen just to do the program for her. Arden recently had a new baby girl, Lake Louise. She’s beautiful, but Lake  was diagnosed with Ebstein’s Anomaly at 36 weeks gestation. She was born at 37.5 weeks and had open HEART surgery at two days old. She is on the road to recovery and will have two more surgeries by the time she is three. This was my reason. Arden has been handling this so well and little Lake is definitely a fighter. They are both amazing and I wanted to send them a little something for a while now as a small gift. When this program came, I thought perfect timing to give them something even more! So, I went shopping at good ol’ Target for Arden with the $100 gift card and here’s what I bought for Arden. Some things to get pampered and some reading material for her to catch up some things because she hasn’t had time for anything else.

Pampers gift of sleep goodiesI also bought a few things for little Lake.

Pampers gift of sleep goodies for babyI pampers diapers were the diapers in my package provided by Pampers. I’m actually gifting the Pampers baby dry diapers to Lake and the swaddlers to my $50 gift recipient. I’m also sending the blanket on the bottom right. That’s a patchwork blanket I handmade from my Yippy BeBe shop. I really wanted to give Lake something a little special … one of a kind … and the blanket I felt was the perfect gift to send her some loving cuddles from us here.

I’ll be shipping everything tomorrow in a card box, but I decided to put everything into a Bugaboo diaper bag I have. I actually bought this bag to check it out and compare it to other diaper bags I was checking out when I was looking at how they’re made (you know as a person who designs and hand makes diaper bags and changing pads, I can’t help myself). When I bought the bag, I had the intention to give it to someone as a gift since I was not planning on using it. I never got around to it, so this is the perfect chance for me to give it as a gift! Hope Arden and Lake like it.

Pampers gift of sleep goodies

Here’s everything going together.

Pampers gift of sleep goodies for baby

As soon as I receive the $50 gift card and a giveaway winner is chosen, I’ll do another post of what I’ll be buying then. Yay!

The whole point of the program is to give the Gift of Sleep. It’s such a great concept. Pampers has tied it with their overnight diaper product so parents can sleep through the night when they’re babies start without needing to worry about changing them at night.

Highlights about their product:

  • Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers’ softest diaper and the #1 choice of hospitals, is now available through size 5.
  • Pampers Cruisers are now more absorbent and offer Pampers’ best fit for all the ways babies play freely.

And of course, enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter entry form below. Rafflecopter will randomly select a winner on October 25, 2013. Winner will be contacted for their mailing address which will be provided to Pampers who will be sending them their giveaway prize. Share for more entries and other ways to gain more entries below (the extra ways for additional entries were not required by Pampers and while Arden knows I’m sending her a gift through this program she doesn’t know what I’m sending and she doesn’t know I included Lake’s fanpage on here either for more likes to their fanpage. I just wanted to add them as an extra way to share their story and for everyone to earn entires if you want to).

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  • Jessica B.

    I need the gift of sleep, because I have 2 kids under 3. My newborn still nurses several times a night, so I am up with him. A nap sounds wonderful right now.

    • Rita

      Hi Jessica. Oh yes, I feel for you. I have a 15/16 month old and a 3 year old so I’ve been there. Soon your newborn will start sleeping more, hope that time comes soon for you. I remember how relieved I was when my lil lady started. And yes, naps are definitely fabulous. Thanks for dropping in!

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Well my sons are 4 and 6 but I find myself up at night watching my fav shows! But a new mom would love the gift of sleep b.c they are handling feedings every 2-3 hours and trying to do cooking cleaning, etc.

    • Rita

      lol. Between hubs watching CNN and the kids watching their shows I don’t get to watch too many regular tv shows. And I find myself going to bed after the kids go as mine are late sleepers, but it sounds wonderful. Downtown is so precious! Thanks for dropping in Seyma!

    • Rita

      I hear that Stacey! Having multiple children under the age of 3 is always tough when it comes to sleep. Hope things get easier for you as they get older. Thanks for dropping in!

    • Rita

      I’m so sorry to hear your 2.5 year old is having a hard time sleeping at night. I know it can make things so tiring when the lil ones don’t get sleep at night. When my 3 year old was smaller, he would wake up at 3am and be totally wired. A friend of mine had the same issue. Have you heard of the book “The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep”? I tried that book out and actually recommended it to her. She liked the book and while she didn’t implement everything, she found it helpful in adjusting their schedule to help with sleeping through the night. May you can give it a read? It’s sectioned by age, so you can just read that age appropriate section if you don’t want to read the entire book. Hope things get better! Thanks for dropping in and entering!

    • Rita

      I often feel the same exact way Amy. In fact, I was just thinking this over the weekend looking at my kitchen. lol. I couldn’t get to my rice cooker, my sink was full of baby bottles and dishes. I feel like I’m always washing dishes and bottles. And we don’t use the dishwasher, it’s more for storage, so constantly turning on the faucet all day to keep the bottles and dishes to a minimum as I don’t have a whole lot of counter space. lol. Thanks again for dropping by and entering the giveaway!

  • Lisa Brown

    I need the gift of sleep because I am on the go constantly with all the sports and events, it’s hard to get to sleep at night…I need sleep 🙂

    • Rita

      Hi Lisa. Sounds like a very busy schedule! My kids aren’t in sports yet, but I know I’ll be in the same boat shortly. lol. Hopefully, the kids will each have a short list of sports that they’ll absolutely love. Thanks for entering!

    • Rita

      Oh Mary! hahahaha. Tis the story of motherhood isn’t it? I used to sleep like a log! Now every time I hear a noise, I wake up just to make sure nothing is wrong with the kiddos. Thanks for entering and dropping by the blog!

    • Rita

      Oh yes … I know this well. I was thankful when my kids started sleeping through the night, but my eldest had night terrors often from the time he was 5 months old until 18 months, so sleeping through the night was short lived. lol. Thankfully it’s tapered off since then, but it still happens from time to time. My lil lady started having some, but hers are far and few between. Nothing like what her brother had. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy Rebecca! And thanks for taking the time to drop by!

    • Rita

      oh boy. What a combo April! Congrats on hitting this milestone. I know most people think I’m insane, but I really welcomed when the kids began getting mobile. lol. Thanks for entering!

    • Rita

      It’s tough with young children Carolsue. I totally hear you. I was most definitely sleep deprived with my first. He did not like to nap or sleep at all. His nap times during the day were 15/20 minutes max and at night it was tough because although he was sleeping through the night by 2/3 months, he often had intense night terrors until he was 18 months old. There was also a period of time where he would sleep at 11pm and wake up at 3am. Hope things getting better as your little one gets older. Thanks again for dropping in!

    • Rita

      Very exciting news Pat. Yes… you’ll definitely need the sleep with baby on the way. Preparing for baby is just as tiring sometimes. Congrats Pat!

    • Rita

      Congratulations Ashley! For sure, the first several months before and after are the toughest with sleep. I remember well, the months before where I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep and, of course, after it’s all about baby. Thanks for dropping in to enter the giveaway and good luck with your future lil one!

    • Rita

      Aww. Yes, gifting the gift of the sleep would definitely be amazing and continuing the chain Debbie! Congrats to your sister on her new baby! Thanks for entering.

  • Ellie W

    I am grandma of 5 and 8 year old boys that I keep from 6AM-5PM every day. And they definitely wear me out. I have a new grandchild due in February that I will also be babysitting. I will be needing the gift of sleep just to keep up with them all.

    • Rita

      My goodness Ellie! How do you keep up? Sometimes I don’t know how I keep up with my kids and I only have them for part of the day now. lol. It’s wonderful they get to be with grandma though that’s an amazing gift in itself and congrats on the upcoming grandchild! You’re super grandma, seriously. Thanks for dropping in.

    • Rita

      Tara, interrupted sleep is hard … you never feel fully rested at the end of the night. It used to happen to me all the time. And now, if my kiddos are having night terrors, I can’t go back to sleep b/c if I do, I feel more exhausted than just staying up afterward. Hope things get better for you. Thanks for entering!

    • Rita

      Hi Stephanie. Whatever your reason for needing the gift of sleep package, I hope your situation gets better soon. 🙂 Thanks for dropping in to enter.

    • Rita

      Not getting enough sleep is definitely tough on the mind and body. For me, I always feel out of focus when it happens to me. Hope you’re able to get more time to catch up on sleep soon. Thanks for entering!

    • Rita

      Jeanine!!! Oh no! I’ve had to be in the ER for my best friend twice in the last five weeks unexpectedly, so I totally hear you. I hope she gets better soon! Sending lots of love and hugs.

    • Rita

      I’m so sorry to hear your son is having night terrors Jennifer. We have been through this. My lil man started with night terrors at 5 months of age 2-3 times a week. It was tough watching/listening to him go through it and not being able to do anything. And the lack of sleep never helps either. I hope things get better soon for you and your son.

  • Leidy

    I can’t complain of not sleeping enough, I have the best husband in the world who does whatever he can so I can get a few extra hrs of sleep, he is the one who wakes up at night if the little ones want/need something. I think He is the one who deserves the gift of sleep, he could use some good rest

    • Rita

      Awww. What a sweet husband Leidy. I’m so happy to hear about your wonderful husband who participates in the caring of your little ones. Kudos!

    • Rita

      Don’t I know it! I have an ever growing list of things to do. Cross one thing off, add two more. lol. I try to get a lot done especially since I only sleep about 4-5 hours a night. Thanks for entering Barbara!

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