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    Valentine’s Day 2014: #iLOVEmySELFie Movement of Self Love

    Today is Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a relationship or single it shouldn’t matter. Because more than anything this day is about LOVE – plain and simple. To promote this concept of LOVE – The day is finally here – the official launch of the iLOVEmySELFie campaign. I’m on the Board of a non-profit organization, Independent Awakening, and we are so proud of this movement. Here’s a short video from our Founder Dr. Neeta Bhushan sharing about the #iLOVEmySELFie movement. Check out our , spread the movement and join us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even email. selfie + empowering quote + creativity = iLOVEmySELFie Join the Movement! Tag us…

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    5 Things David Choi Suggests to Increase Your Safety While Driving

    Last month, I had the chance to interview Singer Songwriter David Choi. David wrote the song Chill Tonight for the #ItCanWait Don’t Text and Drive Campaign I participated in over the Summer, which you can read about here. The interview went well. We spoke about why he chose to participate in the campaign (to make a difference) to his fear of being a hypocrite (he used to text and drive a lot, but has definitely done much less since the campaign began). Overall, he was easy to chat with, is a very down-to-earth guy and an open and honest person who enjoys what he does. We did the interview over…

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    Pampers: Gift of Sleep Give Back

    As a member of the Double Duty Divas network, I applied for and was chosen a couple weeks ago to participate in the Pampers Gift of Sleep Give Back program. As part of the program, I received my package included Pampers product as well as $100 gift card to give me the opportunity to give the “Gift of Sleep” to a family or baby in my community. Plus, we were also given the opportunity to host a giveaway with the Give Back post, which includes a Sleep Sheep Sound Machine, cozy blankets for Mom/Baby and a $50 gift card. But, to make it official, I need to include this legalese…

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    Ten Ways to Help End Childhood Hunger During No Kid Hungry Month

    Did you know that? I only recently heard about this awareness month through my Social Good network #PANJ4Good. With September being No Kid Hungry Month, it’s such an important campaign to share and get involved with because there are so many children going without proper food and nutrition in America. Here are some statistics from  These statistics are astounding! It pains me to hear little innocent children are starving and not receiving the nutrition they need to grow healthy and live normal and happy lives. So, what can be done about this epidemic across America? The No Kid Hungry campaign is working to end childhood hunger in America: Access –…

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    Cancer Sucks

    I’m no stranger to cancer. I’m not a survivor of any cancer form, but many men and women in my life are. My aunt, my moms friends, my step-mom, my friends fathers, uncles, moms and aunts and yes, even children … the list goes on. With exception to one uncle, so far I’ve been fortunate to have many survivors remain in my life. Today, I found out the wife of a colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I’ve not known my colleague long and have never met his wife, I’m very saddened by this news. I know the road they are going down now that they have discovered this…

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    Texting and Driving: It Can Wait Pledge and Giveaway

    The last couple months, I’ve noticed an increase in people taking a pledge to not text and drive. It trigged a thought in my mind and I started thinking about what I do when I’m driving. I have two small children. Life has become about them and not much else. Hubs and I have even discussed what would happen if we passed away suddenly. Who would take care of them? There are so many factors in life I can think about, and I can’t control when I might leave this world, but I can control NOT contributing to the dangers that might take my life. So, last month, I decided to turn…

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    Social Good: #JerseyLove with Social Media Moms & NJ Digital Moms – D6 Surfskimmer Twitter Party

    I am so excited. I cannot believe June 6th is almost here! June 6th… that’s the day I’m heading down the Shore to participate in the most amazing Social Good program – #JerseyLove. If you didn’t have a chance to catch that post, #JerseyLove is a four day social good retreat bring together two amazing groups of moms – Social Media Moms and New Jersey Digital Moms. This weekend, 40 of us will be down the Shore tweeting the heck out of the twitter hashtag #JerseyLove in our effort to promote tourism for the Jersey Shore community that was hit by Hurricane Sandy. During our trip, we’ll be visiting all…

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    National Preeclampsia Awareness Month

    Did you know that May is National Preeclampsia Awareness Month? Preeclampsia is not a typical thought that comes to mind when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, but for those who are affected by it, the May is the one time we can focus and share with people what preeclampsia is about and how it affects some women. We mothers are so used to being the nurturers and caregivers that very often we make light of what we are feeling in order to continue on with the routine. So when I woke up 6 days after my c-section unable to catch my breath, with blurry vision and a dull headache…

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    Boston We Love You

    Our hearts go out to the families affected in Boston by this terrible and senseless violence. New York and New Jersey are here for you Boston. Photo from the Boston, Massachusetts Facebook Page

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    Jersey Love with New Jersey Digital Moms and Social Media Moms

    I neglected my blog in March, but I have a really good reason for that. Amazing things happened in March for my family and me. From signing on a new client and getting involved with Lady and The Blog to starting the kids in daycare, it was a very hectic month of fantastic changes. Now, that life is back in track with a new schedule, I’m back on this blog sharing. To kick off the month, I want to share about a fabulous group I’m a proud member of, the New Jersey Digital Moms. I’ve mentioned the group here and there before in the past and I promise I’ll do a dedicated and more…