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    Review: Tupperware FridgeSmart® Containers

    Earlier this month I received four complimentary samples of the Tupperware  FridgeSmart® Containers in various sizes. I don’t usually use tupperware for storage in my refrigerator – mostly only for lunches for hubs, lil man and myself, but when I received the offer for samples I was intrigued to see what the results would be from my review. The day I received the containers I went to the market to purchase produce. I bought two bunches each of scallions, parsley and flower chives because I wanted to compare the Tupperware FridgeSmart containers with the storage bins in my fridge. Day 1 (9/1/2013) – first photo pictures the produce for the fridge…

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    Home Cooked Vietnamese Food – Bun Rieu and More

    My mother-in-law makes the best Vietnamese food. I mean really. It’s just absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, she lives in Southern California and we live in New Jersey, so we have a lack of home cooked Vietnamese food here. She’s not Vietnamese, but her family has lived in Vietnam for generations and so they adapted their meals to Vietnamese dishes. My hubs Eric, of course, loves Vietnamese food and misses his mom’s cooking. I ventured a bit last week. I didn’t make American food, Italian or Chinese food. I decided to make Vietnamese dinner last Friday – for the first time ever. I was intimidated at first because I’ve just never done…

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    Pregnancy restrictions

    Now that I’m pregnant there are some many things to think about with my health and eating habits. But, to make it worse… I have “chinese” pregnancy restrictions. Yes, I’m Chinese and so being so close to my grandmother and a little more tradition than most Chinese-American grandchildren, I am going to abide by her restrictions a top of my doctor’s restrictions. What do these restrictions include? Some of them probably will create “?” in your head, but nonetheless, many Chinese have abided by these rules and haven’t gone wrong. Here goes…. Cannot eat: watermelons bananas green beans too much sugar too much salt spicy food fried stuff soda (not…