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    2014 Word of the Year

    Last year I chose a word of the year – FOCUS. I reminded myself daily to remain focused. At first, I thought I had to choose just one business or area of my life to focus on for the entire year. It took a month for me to truly understand the word I had chosen. I realized I could work on each of my businesses and still be a good mother simply by focusing. That meant I didn’t have to give anything up. I could focus on photography one morning and sewing the next. Some days I broke it out by hours. This allowed me to focus on a client…

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    A Cultural Lesson for Real Simple Magazine and Their Illustrator

    I love my monthly magazines, especially receiving Real Simple. I know it’s not eco-friendly, but as a book lover there’s just something exciting about flipping thru the pages of a physical magazine and hardcover book. After receiving my copy of Real Simple a couple weeks ago, I finally had a chance to open it today. Under $100 gift guide for women, men, teens/tweens, kids … the wild things sweatshirt so cute! Stocking stuffer ideas. Love the holiday edition. Then, I stopped at the fashion guide. Speechless. What in this illustration made me stop so suddenly? Simple. The main image in the middle. What is that? A women holding a martini…

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    Life Throws Curve Balls

    A few days ago, I wrote this on my Facebook status: Hey Life… You’ve thrown so much pain, heartache, challenges and curveballs my way for as long as I can remember and each time I have survived and then some. So today – I say “BRING IT ON!” You ain’t got nothin on me. Why? Because life has really thrown a serious curve ball into my field this past month. Go grab some coffee, tea or hot cocoa and a comfy seat because this is going to be a long story. Last month, a serious issue happened with an extremely good friend of mine – you could call him my…

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    The Eva Mendes Fashion Collection has Arrived in New York and Company #EvaMendesNYC

    Have you heard? Today is the day actress Eva Mendes officially launched her fashion collection at New York and Company. Well, technically it was available last night at the red carpet event at the New York & Company flagship store in NYC, but this morning they made this exclusive Collection available on-line and in select stores. I had the opportunity to check out the line yesterday and take photos at the red carpet as a writer for Lady and the Blog. Festivities were crazy with excitement. It brought me back to my event planning days when I used to work in retail planning in-store events and celebrity appearances. But, hey,…

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    Cancer Sucks

    I’m no stranger to cancer. I’m not a survivor of any cancer form, but many men and women in my life are. My aunt, my moms friends, my step-mom, my friends fathers, uncles, moms and aunts and yes, even children … the list goes on. With exception to one uncle, so far I’ve been fortunate to have many survivors remain in my life. Today, I found out the wife of a colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I’ve not known my colleague long and have never met his wife, I’m very saddened by this news. I know the road they are going down now that they have discovered this…

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    Vlog: My Biggest Fear

    At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to start vlogging. I shared my goal of vlogging with my fellow NJ Digital Moms and to my delight, our Founder, Elizabeth Norton, and several of my NJDMoms (Amiyrah Martin, Desiree Allen, Sarah Walton to name a few) jumped on my wagon to encourage me to accomplish this goal. Elizabeth challenged us to do our vlog about our biggest fear, so here’s my vlog – be kind – it’s my first! Enjoy.

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    10 Life Lessons I Learned From A Bug’s Life

    My lil man and I really enjoy watching Disney Pixar A Bug’s Life. He loves watching it over and over. During the course of the repeated watching, I decided to put together this list of 10 Things I Learned from A Bug’s Life: One mistake can lead to a future of success Gaps happen – keep walking Open your mind to change It’s ok to ask for help Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion even if you don’t like theirs A team without focus will accomplish nothing Bigger is not always better Assumptions can cause unnecessary conflict If you don’t leave your comfort zone you won’t discover your full potential…

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    Review: L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

    I usually review things for the kiddos, but today’s review is for a product for mom because, afterall, I am a mom. My friend Sheila from Pieces of Mom sent me a full size sample of┬áL’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother Finishing Cream. It’s a new product from L’Oreal, retail $24.99. Revitalift Miracle Blur is not a moisturizer, primer or foundation product. It’s an skin smoothing Finishing Cream. Here’s what L’Oreal says about the product: Miracle Blur was specifically formulated with a distinctive cushiony texture that instantly blurs lines, wrinkles and pores. This unique finishing cream blends seamlessly into skin so it instantly looks and feels smooth, leaving a…

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    Blogging and Kids

    I recently ran across a post written by someone who calls herself an “oversharer”. Basically, someone who blogs about everything her children do. In her post she says she never thought much about blogging about her kids until a friend asked her at what age do you stop writing about them? For myself, I’ve always had on top of mind how my blogging would affect my children in the future. Before I started this blog I even discussed it with my husband. We discussed whether I should start the blog, what to write about, if he would be okay with our lives being public on the internet. After we had…