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Cancer Sucks

I’m no stranger to cancer. I’m not a survivor of any cancer form, but many men and women in my life are. My aunt, my moms friends, my step-mom, my friends fathers, uncles, moms and aunts and yes, even children … the list goes on. With exception to one uncle, so far I’ve been fortunate to have many survivors remain in my life.

Today, I found out the wife of a colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I’ve not known my colleague long and have never met his wife, I’m very saddened by this news. I know the road they are going down now that they have discovered this disease in their lives. I understand the emotions they are experiencing … the endless worry … the pain in their hearts, mind and soul. I understand. It pains me to know yet another person I’m connected to is affected by cancer.

I’m posting this here because I want to express my love for those who are and have been affected by this life-threatening disease. I support you all and today, I declare on this blog, what everyone already knows – CANCER SUCKS.

And here’s a little graphic I created to show my support to all the survivors and fighters and their families.

cancer sucks button - I support breast cancer awareness


Courage, strength and hope. I’m sending these along with lots of love and virtual hugs to everyone. (((((survivors, fighters, families affected))))).

Leave a comment below about why you support the cause. Then grab the button above to¬†share it – pin it, tweet it, instagram it… spread the word. If you’d like to grab it from my social media accounts here are the links:


  • Nichole

    I agree. Cancer SUCKS! Lost my mom to cancer and where I work I’ve seen too many kids lose their lives to cancer. Thank you for creating this image and spreading awareness!

    • Rita

      Nichole, I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mom to cancer. And where you work, I know you see these stories each day also. (((((Nichole)))) to you my friend.

  • Cathy Chester

    Yes, cancer does suck. Dad is fighting it and I know/love 3 people from age 9 to 77 fighting it right now. My beloved uncle (dad’s best friend) lost a quick battle with Pancreatic last year. I am sick and tired of it. Thanks for writing about it and providing this opportunity.

    • Rita

      Cathy, wow. It’s so hard to bare when there are so many people affected at the same time. Your mind, heart and soul is divided in so many emotional ways. I’m sorry this has affected so many you love. My uncle lost his battle with pancreatic cancer a few years back also. It’s hard to sit by and feel helpless. ((((Cathy))))

    • Rita

      Tracy, so sorry you lost your mother. I have had friends who have gone through the same battle. My step mother has had it twice and they’re hoping this third time they removed the cells and we’re hoping it won’t get worse. I feel your pain. ((((Tracy))))

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