BOB Sport Utility Stroller

It’s time for Feature Friday!

I went to check out the BOB Stroller today and man… would I love one of those. Here’s the one I’m in love with at the moment.

I love the color, the size, the weight. I was trying it out in the store and it seemed very smooth. And it’s orange! Lil man’s favorite color. It’s also available in bright blue.

It’d would be nice to have a jogging stroller for when I in-line skate with lil man, but I can’t justify the expense right now with hubs. Currently, I skate and push lil man in his Graco Stroller. It’s been ok so far because I skate on a nicely paved path. Only once I think I almost lost control of the stroller because the wheels got out of alignment. Although only a split second, that’s really all it takes for something bad to happen. Fortunately, we were ok on the pathway.

Back to this stroller… I like how easy it is to push. Felt like we were gliding and that was on carpet. There’s a five point harness and a padded handle. If you have an infant, there’s an adaptor you can purchase for the stroller to attach a carseat.┬áIt’s my dream off-roading stroller.

Anyone have one? I’d love to hear what you think of yours. Share your experience by leaving a comment. Would like to know if it’s really as good as felt in the store.

Happy Friday!

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