Lil Man Turning One – Things We’ve Learned This Year

I can’t believe it. One year has gone by already. I mean, I’ve seen it many years now. My cousins are in college and high school. My nephew is in junior high. But I didn’t think this year would fly by so quickly.

My Lil Man is turning one this Saturday.

So many things have happened this past year for me and for him.

What’s happened for Lil Man?

  • Earned his first three bruises/cuts
  • Seen snow
  • Seen rain
  • Learned he loves the wind blowing in his face
  • Sprouted eight teeth (6 in the last three weeks)
  • Realized he hates flat pacifiers
  • Loves going down slides
  • Discovered he loves adrenaline rushes – likely to be a huge X-games fan and one day jump out of a plane like his crazy mom and uncle
  • Learned how to walk
  • Has already decided he likes older women


What’s happened for me?

  • Made new friends because of Lil Man
  • Realized several things about what I want from life
  • Discovered a more affectionate side of me
  • Become an expert at how to change a diaper when there’s no table
  • Cured of my extreme OCD tendencies – okay not all, but I’ve laxed
  • Started my own business… or two…or three
  • Finally accepted the idea of being a “housewife” – sort of. I might do a separate post on this idea. lol.

What can I say. It’s been a crazy year. I wouldn’t have given it up for anything.


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