Product Review: Gerber Baby Bottles

Since we’ve tried three different bottles already, we decided to try out a different baby bottle in search for easier cleaning, so we picked up a 3-pack of Gerber First Essential baby bottles from Target. These bottles are pretty simple – only four pieces:

  • Cap
  • Ring
  • Nipple
  • Bottle

At $2.99 for a 3-pack they’re a pretty good deal. Or you can buy the individual bottle for $0.99. Here are some specs:

  • There are vents on the nipple to help reduce air
  • BPA-free
  • Available in 9oz & 5oz capacity
  • Dishwasher safe

When lil man is drinking, you can hear the air vent working and see bubbles float away from the nipple in the bottle. The bottle has been pretty easy for him to hold onto. Washing the bottle is pretty simple – it’s only four pieces! If you’re using a baby bottle brush, it will fit into the bottle and clean all the corners & if your brush has the nipple cleaner extension it will fit right in and clean the nipple also.

The only issue we have with the bottle is a slight leak. Depending on how you screw on the ring, the bottle may or may not leak from the nipple area. When it does leak, we’ve found when we squeeze the bottle a little to let out some air before feeding the lil man, then “releasing” the bottle once he begins drinking helps prevent the leaking. At $0.99 a bottle, you can toss the nipple and buy a new bottle if you find one that leaks.

My hubs really loves these bottles for the price point and because they work properly.

Gerber sBaby Bottle

This post is NOT sponsored. I just like to write reviews for things we’ve tried or used in our home. If a post is sponsored, I’d definitely note it for you in the post. Either way, sponsored or not, my reviews are my honest opinions.


  • Elodia mireles

    I have been trying to buy a large quanity of these bottles for a baby shower. Can I order them from somewhere? The one’s I did get from Target were priced at $3.50. Please help 🙂

    • YippyMomma

      I unfortunately don’t know where to buy these in bulk, but I suggest contacting Gerber directly. Good luck with your project and thanks for dropping by.

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