Parenthood: Responsibility

It’s now been five months since I gave birth to my little man. There’s been so much I wanted to blog about, but simply haven’t had the time.

It’s so interesting to watch him grow and change. It seems as though he’s going from 5 months to 5 years so quickly. Already wanting to be very independent, it seems he was born with the same spirit and self sufficiency as his dad and me. He’s growing quickly and learning at a faster pace than I expected. At 5 months, he’s already wearing 12 month clothing while wearing 18 month full body suits. I can only hope he’ll be tall like his father.

With all the learning he’s going through, I can’t seem to blink without worrying about missing a moment. Not wanting to miss the first time he crawls or the first time he walks… we always have the camera within arms reach. But, even if we miss the first step there’s always the second step that we won’t miss because really I’ve come to the realization that when we see the moment for the second time, we still get the same amazing feeling and gratification as the first. So, we’ve learned to be less “crazy” about capturing all his “firsts” because the “seconds” are just the same.

I was recently asked by someone how happy I am about my life on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the happiest and without a doubt, I answered 10. As a parent that can stay home and watch my little man each day, I’m always in such awe that he has come into my life after all the sadness and struggling I had to endure. And while I didn’t have the worst childhood there were definitely hard times and I certainly struggled to get past the pain. I’ve truly been blessed with more happiness and love than I could have imagined with my loving and supportive husband and a beautiful and healthy child.

And so, I’ve been given the responsibility to guide another child through life, but this time… I don’t have to worry about whether I’m going to disappoint someone else’s parents for the mistakes this child will make because he’s my child and the only person I might worry about disappointing is him. So, let’s hope I can do just as good of a job if not better this time round.

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