Pregnancy Things Progress

Just hit my 29th week of pregnancy which leaves me 12 weeks to my expected due date. So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks with my pregnancy. Went in for our monthly check up and what can I say? Why is it that I can never leave the doctor’s office with only good news?

My doctor informed me that I failed my glucose test which means I could be diabetic, but he told me he wouldn’t make me take the 3-hour exam because I don’t have any family history of having diabetes. That was until I got weighed. I weighed in at 138lbs… marking me as having gained 11lbs over the last five weeks. So, my doctor proceeded to change his mind and insist that I take the 3-hour glucose exam. Which by the way is a fasting exam if you didn’t know – meaning you can’t eat the morning of the exam and during the exam. How do you expect a pregnancy woman to not get hungry and pass out after not eating for eight hours at the least?

In addition to this wonderful news, my blood work showed that I am officially anemic. I’ve always been told I was borderline anemic – right at that line, but not over it. The doctors have never understood why either because I’ve always been a big meat eater along with lots of vegetables and fish. So, to add to my list of medications, I have to take iron pills on top of my vitamin D, folic acid, nausea and pre-natal pills. And, because I’ll be taking iron pills, I also need to balance them out with the colace that I stopped taking three weeks ago (stool softeners) because increase iron levels can cause constipation. Since I’ve already had my experience with constipation that resulted in a fractured tailbone, I don’t have any wishes to go down that path again. To top it all off, I’ve been pretty sick this past week which I couldn’t take anything for except regular Tylenol – 1 pill at 500mg every six hours. It didn’t help with my stuffy/runny nose, sore throat or cough, but it did help with my aches and I think it also prevented me from getting a fever. I’m a walking medicine cabinet.

The weather has been pretty sporadic so it hasn’t helped any of my conditions. Jumping from high 70s with lovely sunshine one week to rainy cold low 40s weather the next. On these rainy days, I’ve been keeping myself busy working on my business getting it up and running. This week has been pretty unproductive since I’ve been sick, but since I’m feeling better today, I managed to make up for a week of non-progress all in one day.

The good news I gained this week is the baby is growing steadily at a healthy pace and weighed in at 2lbs 7oz this week. So, I’m keeping my eye on the prize… a healthy baby boy being delivered in 12 weeks. And my wonderful husband decided to surprise me with 2-dozen beautiful tulips on Friday to make me forget about my exam results and my being sick. This was exceptionally thoughtful because he doesn’t believe in buying flowers not only because they are expensive but because he believes that flowers are supposed to represent our love for others, but in the end they die, so what kind of message does that really send? Needless to say, he put a very big smile on my face and my heart when he came home with them.

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