Baby Growth & Random Household Toys

It amazes me how much the Lil Man has grown over the last nine months. He started crawling and trying to stand end of January. “Walking” along the side of furniture while holding the edges last month. A couple weeks ago, he decided to climb up the bottom two steps of the living room staircase. He got stuck and didn’t know how to get back down. It was funny to watch him sit there trying to figure out how to get down.

Now that he’s mobile and able to pull himself up to stand, he’s getting into all sorts of things. Definitely a trouble maker in the making. He particularly enjoys playing with our tray table. Whether it’s crawling under it or pushing it around, he is just fascinated with it.

Here’s a mobile photo of Lil Man crawling under it as he’s trying to push it.

He decided it was tasty.

He also enjoys playing with the diaper wipe bags. We think it’s the crunching sound that entertains him. We’ve now saved up a pile of them. I might use a few to make him a crinkle toy. Lil man enjoys these so much, we’re wondering why we bother to buy toys. Who would have thought he’d have so much fun with a diaper wipe bag and a tray table.

Do your kids play with regular household objects at home? If so, share with us what they are in the comments area. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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