Yippy Momma in Good Housekeeping

Hi all. Special treat today…I was chosen to be featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine! So excited. The process began in December, but I had to wait until the issue came out to share it here.

Good Housekeeping May issue features a makeover for Moms. I was one of five moms selected. The person who coordinated everything was Melanie Rudd – she is such a sweety. Love her! I had such a blast during the two-day event.

I had the opportunity to meet Ted Gibson, from TLCs “What Not to Wear”. He and his team styled our hair. After not styling my hair in a year, I was due for a much needed do. I’ll just say it now, he and his associates Devin Toth (stylist) and Jason Backe (color specialist) did an awesome job on mine. My make up was done by Sandy Linter, Lancôme makeup artist and coauthor with Lois Joy Johnson of The Makeup Wakeup. Fashion styling done by the wonderful team at Good Housekeeping. The photographer was Alex Beauchesne – he was fun to work with. I had an opportunity to chat with him about how he started in photography and his work in commercial photography.

The moms I met are amazing women. Anne survived breast cancer, Serena lost 60lbs, Lauren raised her son while her husband was in the military overseas and Maribel is embarking on a new career (and she has five boys!). I was chosen for being a new mom and the road we took to get there. Sweet ladies and all fabulous!

Here are some photos I took from my cell phone:

Goodhousekeeping_makeover-1 Goodhousekeeping_makeover-3 Goodhousekeeping_makeover-8

The team at Good Housekeeping and the makeover team were amazing. They definitely know how to make a girl feel confident. Nothing like getting pampered! You can see the full featured article on their website along with a bunch of before and after photos. When you’ve seen all the photos, stop back by and let me know what you think about my makeover results.

Thanks to Good Housekeeping, Alex Beauchesne, Sandy Linter & Ted Gibson’s team for making me feel like a supermodel!


  • Karrie Papacoda

    Wow, Rita! You look amazing in your pictures! I love the new do! The tunic in the picture looks really comfortable, but its dressier than a t-shirt. What an awesome experience for you!!!! 😀

    • YippyMomma

      Thank you so much Karrie! I had such a fun time during the two-day session. The team of people who worked on the makeover really made it an awesome experience.

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