Latest Pregnancy Escapade: Constipation & It’s Effect

To add to my life of complications during pregnancy, I’ve recently injured myself on Monday during this week 18 of my pregnancy. This after not needing to vomit for the last two weeks I thought I was in the clear. But leave it to me … the accident prone person… to have more issues to worry about.

I’ve been rather constipated from the pregnancy the last two weeks and was in the bathroom on Monday afternoon. While I was attempting to go to the bathroom, I heard and felt a popping noise coming from my bottom. I knew immediately it was my tailbone because I’ve injured it twice before, but in a more traditional way… falling. So, rather than get hemrrhoids, I received a nice fractured tailbone from being constipated enough.

Now, you’ll find it funny, as I did the day after. It is a funny story and I publish it here for anyone who happens upon this story for a good laugh. Then your second thought will be … is that even possible? It is for me and upon checking the articles on, they sure enough had an article related to this topic.

So, I’m on bed rest laying on my sides for about six weeks… as the doctor on Monday indicated that my pain will last about that long and there’s nothing you can do about it. He offered me vicodin which I turned down and I’m going to try not taking any pain meds at all, but if I have to I will take tylenol.

In addition to the fracture, I’ve managed to get sick from some other patient that was sick at the doctor’s office on Monday. I should have to just stayed at home because I knew they weren’t going to give me anything or be able to do anything other than …. it’ll heal on it’s own. Then I wouldn’t be sick right now.

What a bummer….. week 18 has turned out to be one of the worst weeks yet.

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