Heading to London & Paris!

Haven’t written much and I probably should have been more excited about the trip before now… I’m finally making my way to London and Paris! It’s been a trip in the making for the last four years. Was supposed to go in 2008 and 2009 to visit our friends, but then lil man arrived and I couldn’t fly. So, tomorrow… in 18 hours, I’ll be on my flight taking off to London!

I’ve been planning the trip the last three weeks and only just now finished packing. So, I’m finally feeling the excitement. And can’t believe I’M FINALLY GOING TO LONDON! We”ll stop into Paris also for a few days…excited about that too of course. My mom & I are very excited and if lil man knew any better, he”d be excited too. He’s was just excited about “packing” the suitcases.

Three weeks in London and Paris…. rented a flat. Can’t wait!

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