Schwinn Bikes, Summer Sanders and Lil Man’s First Bike Ride

We attended an event hosted by Schwinn and Summer Sanders on Wednesday. It was such a blast! So I decided to dedicate this weeks’ Feature Friday to Schwinn bikes and a recap of the event. Note: I’m not receiving any compensation for this post.

When we first arrived at the event, lil man was his usual shy self. They had a coloring table for kids to decorate a “license plate” to stick onto their bicycles so this was our first stop to get him comfortable. I was so happy to see him hold the crayons and actually started doodling – his first time. Here’s a photo from my point-n-shoot.

First Time doodling

He walked around a bit and decided to check out the Schwinn wagon, accessories and bikes. All the children were required to put on a helmet in order to test out the bikes, but lil man’s head is so small (25%) there wasn’t one available.

The Schwinn staff were so sweet, they said they’d look for one. While we waited they let him sit on the bike and chatted with him. Summer Sanders was so nice. Very down to earth and of course, great with children. She interacted with all the children at the event. I told her about the helmet issue and she gave us a great tip about the cushions.


Then to our surprise, they actually found a helmet that was small enough for us and lil man got to ride on his first tricycle! His legs weren’t quite long enough to reach the pedals so I helped him along while he used his feet to push. I can’t believe he wore the helmet for over 30 minutes!

I took a look at the Schwinn bikes for kids on their website. There’s a large selection to choose from as they have bikes for little ones who need training wheels to bikes for adults. Here are six bikes for the kiddos I pulled from their website.

And we can’t forget about the accessories. Here are some that were displayed at the event.. I especially like the bell…. ^_^

We had such a blast and everyone was so very sweet and nice. The Schwinn team and Summer Sanders are awesome people. Thanks for a fab time everyone!

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