Chinese Ghost Festival & Month

My grandmother called to remind me that this month is “ghost” month on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Basically, it’s the month many Chinese believe spirits come onto the surface of Earth to roam around the living.

What does this mean to our family?

We’re not allowed to go out at night after dark. Why? Because our grandmother fears bad spirits may decided to “attach” themselves to our bodies thereby causing us bad luck or spiritually bad mojo. Of course, my younger cousins don’t listen because well, it’s pretty silly to expect high school and college aged kids to stay at home and not go out with their friends at night.

As part of her phone conversation with me, I was told I should not take Lil Man out at night this month. We receive this call every year and so we’re used to it. We don’t really go out at night on weekdays to begin with since my hubs Eric works full time and many of friends do as well. So, it’s really no trouble to “listen” to her. Besides, Grandma’s orders… should never be discredited or disobeyed if we can help it because well, it’s Grandma. I’m sure Lil Man won’t hold it against us for listening to his one and only Great Grandma.

You can also go to Wikipedia for a great write up on how many different cultures observe the Ghost Festival.

chinese-grandma-great-1Photo of Lil Man with his Great Grandm

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