Funtime Junction

A few weeks ago, I took lil man to Funtime Junction. We had purchased tickets from living social for a discount entry tickets.

It was smaller than I expected. Definitely smaller than the new Paramus Chuck E. Cheese.

I’m not sure I’d go there regularly simply because Chuck E. Cheese is so close by for us. But the other reason I wouldn’t go often is because of the entry fee. You pay the entry fee plus then you need to buy tokens to play games. They have an area where you can use tokens to buy time to shoot “balls” at each other. It’s fun, but again, it costs money.

There’s a laser tag area as well, but I’m not sure if it costs anything to go in as it was closed when I was at Funtime Junction.

There are activities you can do that are free after you pay entry. The slide area, bounce area, large kitchen “doll house” and the obstacle maze. Unfortunately, lil man isn’t quite old enough to the obstacle area on his own and being pregnant I couldn’t go with him. If he was, he would have definitely enjoyed running through it – it looks like a lot of fun.

They also have the toddler cars for the kids to roll around and these large exercise “tubes” they can push around that I’ve seen at Gymboree.

Despite my thoughts, lil man still had fun just running around the perimeter of the obstacle area, jumping in the bounce area and throwing balls around by hand in the ball shooting area.

It’s a nice local place to visit on a rainy day. But if you want more things for the kiddos to do including more games, I’d definitely recommend heading to Chuck E. Cheese instead.

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