Scary Moments

After a frightful fall in the kitchen and a terrible smack on the head, I spent the entire day in ER with my Grandmother. It was a scary moment when I was feeding lil man and heard an extremely loud crack. I knew then my grandmother had fallen. One moment she was watching TV in the living room, the next she went to the kitchen and within 15 minutes fell. My heart jumped out of my chest.

I ran into the kitchen and found her sprawled on the floor flat on her back, a cutting board next to the sink with chicken on it and a knife not too far from away from her leg in front of the refrigerator. I thought she was knocked out and immediately ran next to her access if she was passed out.

Called my mom to tell her grandma had fallen and it looked serious. From what I could see, I think she broke her wrist and likely hit her head on the floor. I called my mom because I knew she was headed to Chinatown and wanted to make sure it wasn’t too late to catch her.

Then, I asked my lil man to get the telephone. Fortunately, he knows what a cell phone looks like, was able to find mine & bring it to me so I could call 9-1-1. Luckily, we live very close to the municipal building that houses the police and ambulance. They were at our house within 15 minutes while my mom’s boyfriend arrived within 10 minutes of me calling her.

CAT scans, X-rays all done. Fractured wrist, but everything else is a-ok. Could have been worse. Thankful it wasn’t and grandma is home tonight in her own bed. Also very glad lil man knows what a phone is as he found us the phone to call 9-1-1.

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