Pregnancy week 34

I’m on my last day of week 34th of my pregnancy, which means I’m six weeks away from my due date. Everyone said that my third trimester would stink and said how hard it would be. But so far, my third trimester has been my best. Yes, I’m tired a lot and feel as though I can’t get enough sleep. Yes, I can’t seem to control my bladder. Yes, I’m feeling the baby more now that he’s growing about a 1lb every two weeks and he loves to kick my ribs. Yes, I’m getting more short of breath when I walk. BUT, none of this can beat my fractured tailbone incident and the constipation I was feeling during my first two trimesters.

A lot of people are asking me how anxious I feel or how excited I feel as the last six weeks are floating by, but I’m really neither. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly happy that my baby boy is coming after all these years of being told I wouldn’t be able to have kids. It’s just, I’m not really elated and I’m certainly not nervous or scared. I just see it as another step in life that I’ll be accomplishing… having my own child… a biological one. It is a blessing, but so will adopting.

I’m not scared or anxious about being a mother. I think that’s because some have said I’ve been a mother to them over the years. I’ve watched a lot of children and young people grow and develop over the years and so, I have always felt like a mother having been involved in their lives. I know it’s not the same as changing diapers, but the feeling of pride I feel is equal. Seeing all of them grow and accomplish their firsts… seeing them graduate high school and college… there’s a sense of pride there. And I have changed diapers, researched day cares, taken them to the park, played sports with them, drove kids to school, picked them up from school, took them to dances and practices…. I’m simply doing it all again, but with a biological child. And I will be happy and proud to be part of this new life, but confident that I know I can do it. I can raise this child, watch him grow and develop to his full potential because I’ve done it before.

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