Pregnancy update Week 36

Haven’t written much about the pregnancy since all the crazy testing so I thought I’d do an update here. This is really more for the sake of my memory and the ability to share with my kiddos in the future though.

I’m finally in my last month of term. With four more weeks to go, things are getting challenging. My hips are starting to bother me when I walk. I can’t go more than 15 minutes without needing to go to the bathroom. I’m not sleeping well. In fact, I’m not really sleeping. If I’m lucky I get about two hours a night and two hours in the afternoon. Since I’ve been tired in the afternoon, I’ve been napping when lil man naps. It’s refreshing, but I think it’s preventing me from sleeping properly at night. Unfortunately, without the nap, I can’t function the rest of the day nor keep up with lil man.

I don’t know how I’m going to last the next four weeks, but I’m at least glad I didn’t have constipation during this pregnancy which means I didn’t have any chance of breaking my tail bone like I did last time.

We’re still deciding on a name. It’s proven to be harder to find a name for this lil lady than it was with lil man. But, we’ll get there. We have until two days after she’s born since that’s when we need to pick her Chinese name & submit the paperwork for the birth certificate. May be something will come to us when she arrives.

That’s pretty much it other than getting the house prepared for the arrival of a new newborn in the house again.

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