My Newborn has a Bloody Mucus Stool

The title sounds great doesn’t it?

Lil lady had a bloody mucus stool all weekend. She doesn’t have any other symptoms. She’s not fussy and not gassy. She wakes for feedings and feeds without issue.

We called the pediatrician on Sunday and they think she’s allergic to milk protein. To err on the safe side, the pediatrician changed our formula to Similac Alimentum.

The same day that started, I developed this terrible cough. My family & elders think it’s because I ate too much ginger due to my Chinese post pregnancy diet which then passed to lil lady in breast milk. Plus I also drank milk all week because when I feed lil man cereal I always drink the milk afterward. With what little breast milk I had, it’s now practically gone & we’re pumping and dumping…the 2oz from a 35 min pumping session. The pumping & dumping is very difficult for me since I have so little breast milk, but what’s done is done.

We’ll see how it goes for the next couple days. If it doesn’t clear up, it’s another visit to the pediatrician later this week.

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