Grandma Back in the Hospital

Last week, I my grandmother fell and fractured her wrist. Today, my brother was able to take the day off to take our grandma to a follow up doctor visit. What should have been an 1-hour doctor visit lead to him sending our grandmother back to the ER today. =(

He told my brother if she was pretty active before the fall and hasn’t been since then plus has dizziness then she needs to do new CAT scans to make sure there isn’t any fluid or internal bleeding.

After her fall last week my grandmother has had some dizziness. My mom took a 1/2 day off work to meet my brother at the hospital. Now, she called and said in between the CAT scans they discovered my grandma apparently has pneumonia. So, she’s staying at the hospital starting tonight.

How could I have missed something like that? I should have caught it last night when she told me for the first time she started feeling some chest pain that began yesterday afternoon. Other than that, it didn’t seem as though she had any other symptoms. The doctors also said some of her symptoms are in line with cardiac arrest symptoms for a woman, which are apparently different from men. So, they’re hooking her up to a heart monitor for the night to make sure she doesn’t have a heart attack.

I’m feeling like a very bad caretaker right now. She’s here barely three months and already fallen, fractured her wrist, has pneumonia and is now at the at hospital twice in one week.

I’m simply hoping for a speedy recovery so she can come home healthy. Right now we just want her healed, healthy and home.

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