Blogging and Kids

I recently ran across a post written by someone who calls herself an “oversharer”. Basically, someone who blogs about everything her children do. In her post she says she never thought much about blogging about her kids until a friend asked her at what age do you stop writing about them?

For myself, I’ve always had on top of mind how my blogging would affect my children in the future. Before I started this blog I even discussed it with my husband. We discussed whether I should start the blog, what to write about, if he would be okay with our lives being public on the internet. After we had children the questions included whether he would be ok with photos being posted online.

Ultimately our decision came down to one thing. Each time I want to post about our family I ask myself if anyone would be embarrassed by it. If I post a photo of my kids here is the photo embarrassing? Will they be teased by future friends? Will the photo end up in the wrong hands like a pedophile? When sharing a story about the kids or other family members is there anything in the story that could be misconstrued and used to hurt someone?

Yes, I constantly think about these things. Some might think I’m being paranoid. For me, I like to think cautiously based on my own past experiences. I don’t want my children to be bullied in anyway. I don’t want some crazy sicko using my photos for indecent things or worse.

I doubt anyone will ever recognize my family on the streets. And the things I think about might never happen, but better safe than sorry. As my husband likes to say, “my children are my life. Take away my children and you take away my life.”


  • Kim

    I think about this too. I share quite a bit of funny things that my 3 year old says but I rarely post about my 9 year old bc I’m aware that so many things can be embarrassing at that age. So when my youngest begins to become self-aware of herself in relation to society, I will keep her life more private as well.

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