Another Seizure Scare

Yesterday, I had a minor scare. For those of you that have read about our hospital trip in December, you know we had a seizure scare. For those who didn’t, you can read about that story here.

It’s been five months since our hospital trip and seizure scare. And also five months since we found out my father had a history of seizures as a child. We’ve been monitoring Lil Man, but not like nutty parents. Just simply lean on the cautious side when his mood changes or if he gets sick – basically, take his temperature when we think he’s acting abnormal or similar to those days prior to the hospital visit.

The day was gorgeous yesterday, so Lil Man and I were out and about. He was happy to be in the sun and enjoying the wonderful breeze. He actually closes his eyes, tilts his head back a little and smiles while enjoying breezes.

As we were in the car heading home, he started crying while in the car seat. He was screaming so loudly it brought me back to that night at the hospital. I had to pull the car over at a gas station to check on him. By the time I got to him he was shaking, but he was still crying so at least I knew he wasn’t lacking oxygen. I was scared it was another episode. Five minutes passed and he seemed to stop shaking, so I unbuckled him to pick him up. He calmed down and seemed fine.

I’m sure it wasn’t a seizure, but it was certainly still scary. I’m really hoping he doesn’t carry the gene.

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