Playroom designs

One of the things we’re working on at home is preparing a playroom for the Lil Man and his friends. We have a small family room we’re planning to convert in another month.

Designing the playroom is the challenge. There’s so much to choose from.

When planning a play room, you need to decide what is important to you as parent and what you want for your child. Ultimately, the room is for them.

Once you’ve measured the room and know your spacing, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What are his/her interests?
  2. Will they use it strictly for playing with toys?
  3. Do they like arts & crafts?
  4. Will they be reading in the room?
  5. Do you want them to nap in the room?
  6. What type of storage space will you need?
  7. What are his/her favorite colors?
  8. Do you want to redecorate/redesign it when they get older? or do you want a design that will grow with them?

All these questions really boil down to one thing – what do you want them to be doing in the playroom? Some parents prefer it to be a creative area allowing them to play, paint or read. Others also make the room the entertainment room because they don’t want a tv or any gaming gear in their bedroom. Once you figure out how you want the room to be used, the rest should fall into place as far as what type of furniture/gear you want in the room.

Of course, then the fun really begins. From picking paint to picking the furniture. Whatever the task is, be sure to include your child in the design process so they can learn and have fun in putting their room together.

Looking through the internet, here are a few playrooms I found and want to share with you:

Coming from a family who’s always been in design and fashion, I’m a big fan of arts & crafts. Pottery Barn Kids has this lovely Carolina Craft Table Playroom. The room is set up with plenty of storage with crayons, markets and other craft supplies. I’m loving the table because it’s long – plenty of space for your children and their friends. It has a few draws for storage and can accommodate a roll of craft paper on the side of the table. Ikea has a great roll of drawing paper you can purchase for $4.99.


This room was designed by Cerise Decor. Color is an important thing to think about when designing your playroom as children tend to love color. This room also has ample storage space and an open area for playtime.


Who doesn’t love a great tee-pee? Living, Etc. (part of the House to Home network) has cute one built up in this room with cushions for the kiddos to hideaway in for some quiet play time or reading. Put in a blanket and your lil one might even take a nap inside.


When you can’t have a tree house, why not make one indoors? Ohdeedoh (of apartment therapy) has this room featured and it’s just too cute not to talk to about. You might not have the space to doing something like this in your home, but take a look at the storage space they have by building the platform on the floor. There’s an cabinet at the other end of the room as well for more storage.

playroom_ohdeedoh_01 playroom_ohdeedoh_02

If I had the space, I would LOVE to have this done for lil man in our home, but at least it gives me some great ideas we might be able to utilize in our small family room.

Have you designed a playroom for your children? Would love to hear our ideas and suggestions. If you have photos, email them to me at Would love to see them and you never know – we might even feature it here!

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