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2014 Word of the Year

Last year I chose a word of the year – FOCUS.

I reminded myself daily to remain focused. At first, I thought I had to choose just one business or area of my life to focus on for the entire year. It took a month for me to truly understand the word I had chosen. I realized I could work on each of my businesses and still be a good mother simply by focusing.

That meant I didn’t have to give anything up. I could focus on photography one morning and sewing the next. Some days I broke it out by hours. This allowed me to focus on a client or one business for two hours and another the next two. By early afternoon I stopped working to do household things followed by family things once my children were home from school.

Some Fridays, I didn’t do anything at all to allow focusing on my inner self – peace, rest, relaxation – down right vegetation in front of a TV for the day – to rejuvenate and refocus myself. To make sure I was doing what I should be doing and not just keeping busy.

It was a pretty efficient year overall.

So, this year I decided to keep my new tradition and select a new Word of the Year for 2014.


With this word I will act. Take ACTION in all aspects of my life. Put into ACTION my plans… My to dos… My goals… My dreams.

In the words of Nike – Just Do It. It’s the only way I’ll know what ideas and plans work and what needs refining.


What’s your Word of the Year?

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