Home Cooked Vietnamese Food – Bun Rieu and More

My mother-in-law makes the best Vietnamese food. I mean really. It’s just absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, she lives in Southern California and we live in New Jersey, so we have a lack of home cooked Vietnamese food here. She’s not Vietnamese, but her family has lived in Vietnam for generations and so they adapted their meals to Vietnamese dishes.

My hubs Eric, of course, loves Vietnamese food and misses his mom’s cooking. I ventured a bit last week. I didn’t make American food, Italian or Chinese food. I decided to make Vietnamese dinner last Friday – for the first time ever. I was intimidated at first because I’ve just never done it. I’ve watched my in-laws making Vietnamese food countless times when we visit them for the holidays. They’re sweethearts because they know Eric and I don’t have access to good Vietnamese food, they always home cook Vietnamese food for us when we visit. The last time I had their cooking was during our three-week December holiday trip. Thinking about it makes me hungry.

So, here are some photos of the meal I cooked up, which for all purposes, my family enjoyed and said wasn’t a disaster.┬áIt was fun because we made it a family event also as my Sister-in-law & nephew helped with rolling the summer rolls (shrimp & pork inside).

I didn’t want to try Pho, so I decided to make one of my favorite noodle dishes – Bun Rieu (accent over the u and e) = Tomato and Crab noodle soup. Here’s the soup with fresh chicken soup base. The meat in this photo is ground pork.

Here’s the bowl of Bun Rieu.

And, of course, with every Vietnamese noodle meal, we have mint leaves, lime and bean sprouts.

Hubs said my mother-in-law would be proud. I hope so.

Have you ever made a type of food completely different from what you normally do? Would love to hear about your experience.


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