Product Review: Bib’expresso Formula Maker

A few months ago, I joined the Clever Girls Collective, a network connecting bloggers with brands.

Through this network, I was given an opportunity to review the Bib’expresso, provided to me free by Béaba. As with all my reviews, this review is my own opinion and I uphold my values of honesty and unbias. In fact, the Clever Girls Collective highly encourages us to write honestly, and the Collective, Béaba and I promote Blog with Integrity.

So, on to the review – the Bib’expresso. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a formula maker, bottle warmer, sterilizer all-in-one. To give an idea about the product and it’s size, I’m took photos of it and included them throughout this post.

Let’s start with basic things about the Bib’expresso.

  • It’s lightweight – 3lbs with the packaging – you can pick it up easily with one hand
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Formula Making

This feature is my favorite part of the Bib’expresso. I wish it came into my life earlier. I’ve been pre-making formula on a daily basis. Initially we boiled water, put it into a dispenser, made our daily usage each night and refrigerated. When lil man was five months we went on vacation so we started using the formula making bottled water instead of boiling. We went from a 45 minute process to 25 minutes. With the Bib’expresso, the process went down to less than three minutes per bottle and we prepare five bottles a day so that’s 15 minutes daily. That’s a lot of saved time. From the time we pick up the bottle to the time we finish shaking the bottle, it takes me 2.5 minutes to make one bottle of formula from powder. That’s including the 30 seconds it takes for the water to heat.

Bottle Warming

The instructions say the bottle warming process takes about 14 minutes for the size bottle. I made ours was 12.5 minutes. This is a long time if you’re feeding the baby in the middle of the night. I’ve had an electric water boiler for over 10 years for making tea, coffee, etc. We’ve been using this to warm our bottles taking less than five minutes because the water is already hot. For anyone who has an electric water boiler, this Bib’expresso feature isn’t practical. If you’re heating a bottle during the day and don’t have an electric water boiler already in the house, then I would say this feature will work well.

Bottle Sterilizing

I’ve never had a sterilizer, but I tried the container that comes with the Bib’expresso. It held three 9oz bottles, six rings, six nipples and three caps. It was pretty easy to use. The smell my bottles had before sterilizing went away on the caps, nipples and rings, but remained slightly in the bottles – but it was still better than before sterilizing.

For my uses, the bottle warming and sterilizing features weren’t an advantage for me. But, I LOVE the formula making feature (thanks Béaba). It would be great to have a product from Béaba just for the formula making feature. ^_- If you’re interested in the Bib’expresso or any Béaba products, visit

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