Light Up Links for Kids

Last month, my friend Natalie at Hollywood Hot Moms asked me to check out Light Up Links.  What exactly are they? Think glow sticks, but in a shape of a ball.

I was hesitant at first because there are a lot of small pieces and they’re meant for children a little older than my kiddos. With a 16-month-old, I always worry lil lady will eat toy pieces. But, like legos, we had lil man play with the Light Up Links on our dining room table with supervision.

These are actually really fun once you have an understanding of what it does. The balls light up once you shake them and you use connectors and tubes to build things. Each set comes with a building guide so the options are endless.

Light Up LinksLil man loves building things so he got right to it once the box was open. Of course, he was very excited about the lights.

Light Up LinksThe tubes have a rubbery feel to them so they can be flexible. The connectors are a little more rigid. If you’re not trying to bend them to a 90 degree angle they’ll be fine. Some fun things little man created.

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Light Up Links


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Light Up Links



And to demonstrate the lights here’s a very short video.

If you still need a Christmas gift for your kiddos (or someone else’s) this kit will be tons of fun for them. For $19.99, you’ll receive:

  • Kit includes 125 pieces
  • 13 LED balls (white, red and blue)
  • 60 flexible tubes
  • 52 connector links (plus a bonus 34 free extra pieces)

You can order a second kit for an additional $6.99. Don’t forget to shipping. You can check out their site for more info.

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