Have Some Water Fun with D6 Surfskimmers and HangTen

Have you heard of D6 Surfskimmers? I mentioned them last month because they were one of our awesome sponsors for the JerseyLove trip. There was also a great twitter party that generated tons of impressions. But, I haven’t really gone into a lot of detail on the boards, so I’m dedicating this post to the D6 Surf Skimmers today.

During our JerseyLove trip, we spent a day in Belmar. The weather was terrible, but we hung out at DJais and some of our ladies bared the tropical storm and hit the waves with D6 and the Hangten surfboards:
JerseyLove D6 Sports SurfingJerseyLove Hang Ten

Some of the kids in our group took to the beach bravely and had some fun with the D6 Surfskimmers. But what exactly is the Surfskimmer? Think of it as a shorter and fatter surfboard with a handle bar on it… like a three wheel scooter, but wider and no wheels. Here’s a video for you if you can’t visualize it. 😉

I didn’t get a chance to try one out, but watching the kids play with them really made me want to soon. Here’s some info about the Surfskimmers:

  • Designed for kids ages 5-12
  • It’s a must-have innovative skimboard introduces action sports to beginners who have always wanted to shred like their idols, (or their moms if they were on the #JerseyLove trip.)
  • It’s is a fun, innovative skimboard with gripper technology designed to give kids a chance to skim and advance quickly within minutes on the water; because we all know that a kid’s attention span is about 5 minutes max. Ease of use and fast learning is ESSENTIAL
  • A first-of-its-kind product, the Surfskimmer is a skimboard with a detachable arm extension and handlebar that allows kids to run and glide without losing balance. Nothing is worse than trying to clean a sandy injury and get a band-aid to stick while at the beach. Avoiding injury is a good thing
  • Once kids are ready to ride without the handle, they can remove it and skim just like the pros. Plus, the failed attempts make for hilarious YouTube content!
  • Since not all of us were able to try the Surfskimmers out, D6 offered a discount code after the event to purchase some. How awesome!

    And, the most important thing we got out of this beach excusion with D6 and Hangten wasn’t the excusion, but the fact that D6 enabled us to present a $5,000 check to Belmar Major Matt to assist displaced families who are still trying to rebuild their homes and lives after Hurricane Sandy. Yeah D6 is even more awesome now than before right? I think so.

    So, yes, the weather was rough and there was that fake report about a shark sighting, but as moms do, we braved the unexpected, made the most of it and had tons of fun. How can’t you not, when you’re at the beach with D6 and Hangten?

    Before I close off this post, here’s some info about Hangten (but you should totally already know Hangten right? They’ve been around a long time).

    With over 25 years of foam board manufacturing experience, the factory that produces Hang Ten boards build them with experience and knowledge that others can’t offer. Committed to reducing their carbon footprint, the factory itself operates with the philosophy that “after all, how can we enjoy the ocean and surf culture with high pollution?”

    Made from some of the best materials available, the Hang Ten soft top surfboards are lightweight, rigid, thin and fast. The boards come with FCS compatible fin boxes, tucked rails, and have tail pads that are incorporated into the construction of the boards with stringers that are moulded into the foam core, not cut into it.

    And course a little legalese: The JerseyLove trip was made possible in part by sponsorship. D6 enabled us to be transported to Belmar for the day, be fed, dressed in appropriate attire (aka: wetsuits) and to make a donation to the displaced families still trying to rebuild in the town of Belmar. We are so grateful for their support in making this event happen. We were not monetarily compensated for our individual participation. All opinions are our own.

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