Fast & Furious: Delivering My Second Baby & the Labor Involved

Yep, our lil lady arrived early at Week 38 and boy was it fast and furious! She arrived on August 22, 2012.

  • Contractions began 1:50am at 15 minutes apart
  • Spoke to my OBGYN at 215am just to let him know I started contractions, he said to wait til 8/9min apart so I wouldn’t get sent home in case the contractions stopped
  • Within the hour I was at 2/3min

It was that quick and I didn’t expect it to progress to fast.

I called my mom to come over to stay with lil man to get her going then woke my hubs up. It took us 30min to get into the car, so by 3:20am we were in the car. We called my OBGYN again to let him know we were on the way to the hospital. He asked why we waited so long. lol. I told him we started getting ready as soon as we realized the contractions were close together. So, he said hurry.

Hubs was trying to drive fast without getting a speeding ticket. With his little Corolla he decided to drive 65mph, which is pretty fast for him especially when speed limits by our area are 50mph. By the time we got onto the bridge, hubs was in a panic, but started telling me to breathe to keep us calm. But man-oh-man was it the worst experience ever!!!! Holy moly. I was trying not to push with each contraction, but it was soooo hard not to! I was gripping my safety bar the entire time. Each time a contraction came, I gripped and pulled trying not to push. I was afraid to sit down because I was pretty sure lil lady’s head was crowning out.

She almost came in the car. She was definitely crowning already.

  • We got to the hospital at 3:40am
  • Security Guard pushed me into the ER on a wheelchair while hubs went to park the car
  • I was handed to the ER doc on staff who tried to ask me what was going on

You know when you watch TV and the lady is screaming bloody murder during labor? Yeah that was me. Completely screaming as they’re pushing me down the hall. And all I could really manage was:

She’s out… She’s already out!

  • Doc had the on staff ER nurse check
  • They pushed me straight to the ER

With 10-15 ER staff people trailing behind following my screaming.

They had four people pick me up from the wheelchair to the ER table.

  • One doctor held my hand saying it was ok
  • One nurse was wiping my forehead
  • One nurse was trying to stick an IV into my arm
  • Another nurse was taking off my shorts & underwear, but left my sneakers & socks on
  • Yet another nurse was getting the gear ready
  • Another doc was preparing to deliver the baby
  • And there was some random guy not in scrubs there… I don’t even know who he was but he was trying to ask me all sorts of questions … I guess to distract me from pushing

I sounded so out of breathe… taking a breathe after every word I was trying to say, but then I remembered something – I had Strep B! My antibiotics! So I managed to tell the staff about that. I remember someone asking if I was there alone. I said no, my husband is somewhere outside parking the car.

I do remember screaming. I do remember yelling for them to get her out and how much pain I was in. And I remember seeing a lot of heads when the docs and nurses told me I had to open my eyes and focus on one of them, but you know at that moment in time… I just couldn’t think about how embarrassing the situation really was because I was in way too much pain. All humility gets pushed aside when you have no drugs in you during labor. Seriously.

  • 10 minutes later the nurses and doctors told me to push again
  • Two more pushes and lil lady was delivered at 3:50am

Me screaming… the entire time. I felt everything. I felt her head come out. I felt her come 1/2 way out. I felt her there. And I felt it when her whole body was finally out.

But, after the delivery, I was still in pain. I still felt contractions. So, I complained that I still feel pain and didn’t feel good. The docs and nurses said my placenta hadn’t delivered yet.

That’s when my OBGYN came in about 2 minutes after lil lady arrived. Then my hubs showed up.

My OBGYN had them push me upstairs to where I should have delivered the baby to clean me up and get the placenta out. I kept telling him in Chinese I was still in pain (he can speak Chinese). He said it’ll be fine once we get upstairs and get some meds in. Told my hubs I didn’t want to do that ever again. He said ok.

We got upstairs and my doc kept asking where my meds were. The pharmacy said they couldn’t release the meds until I was in the system. Apparently, my delivery was so quick no one had time to actually admit me into the system properly. So, he asked for whatever meds they could release without the admit and gave me demerol. Boy did it kick in. I think I was delirious and a bit dizzy, but hey – whatever worked so I wouldn’t feel the placenta come out or the stitches that were going in.

So, lil lady was checked and watched and my OBGYN and the pediatrician said she wasn’t long in the canal for my Group B Strep bacteria to pass to her. Whew!

With lil man it was 6 hours labor. I got the epi after 4 hours. He came 2 hours after that & after 6 pushes. Lil lady has been comfy, but apparently wanted out real fast this morning & she wanted her own birthday month and not share with Baba. lil manis June. I’m July. She’s August. Hubs is September.

I wouldn’t recommend the experience to anyone else. Lol. No epidural. No pain meds. Just me, the contractions & her. OMG – so painful. I’m just glad it was quick!!!!! And I’m really glad I didn’t have this when I  delivered lil man because if I had, it wouldn’t have been likely for me to have wanted another baby.

And… our lil lady has finally  joined us… here she is at birth:

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