Chinese Cause and Effect

Last week, we shared with you our decision to shave Lil Man’s hair at the age of one. I forgot to mention that my mom actually wasn’t too keen of the idea. She actually didn’t want us to shave Lil Man’s hair because he thought it wouldn’t grow back properly.

Many elders in my family are “chinese” as Chinese come… well, with certain things. But, let me get back to the topic of chinese cause and effect. What is it?

If you know any very “chinese” people, you’ve probably realized by now they can be very superstitious. They’re also able to give you an effect for every cause. Whether the cause and effect are actually related means nothing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bad-mouth any Chinese people. Nor am I trying to say bad things about any of my relatives. Because, after all, being Chinese myself – I can be superstitious too. But to be safe, I’ll just say may be it’s just the people in my family.

What does this cause and effect have to do with shaving Lil Man’s hair? Well, the newest cause and effect is related to this:

After the shave, a relative visited the first few days. Lil Man was running around playing and was paying attention to no one. Least of all, anyone whom just walked through the door each day for about an hour. My relative tried to get him to say hi and give her a hug, but being 13 months old, you can’t control anything he does. Then again, I’m convinced no matter how old he gets he’ll be uncontrollable.

Therego, the cause and effect. Ever since Lil Man shaved his hair, he has forgotten all about her.

We tried to convince her otherwise, but she didn’t want to hear it. As for me, what can I say? Nothing. There’s really no arguing with her about it. The more we argue the more we would encourage her thinking and her insistence. So, we’ve just left it at that.

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