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I wrote this for a friend who wasn’t able to express their own feelings to their significant other

Why do you say you love me
But show me only anger?

Why do you say you want me
But throw me away like rubbish?

Why do you say I’m your one and only
But seek comfort from other people?

Many years have come and gone
And yet I am still here
Standing by your side
Covering your weaknesses
Accepting your habits
Looking the other way when you falter

Many years have come and gone
And yet I have not left
Standing here, my feet held still in my steps
Covering my sadness
Accepting the shame
Looking at the lifestyle you have chosen

Many years have come and gone
And I’m not sure who has changed
Standing here I question whether it was you or me
Covering my confusion
Accepting the blame
Looking at the clues that could have lead me wrong

I don’t know where you’ve gone
Why have you left me
To feel alone in this cold world
To feel less than decent
To feel not worthy of your love

I don’t know if my judgment was blinded
Why are you so different from what I first saw?
To be the complete opposite of what I know
To be angry and cold
To be selfish and demanding

I don’t know if you are the one
Why have you gone from love
To hate for me
To hold me responsible for your unhappiness
To push me away and live life without me

I’m confused
I’m hurt
I’m pained

By your indifference
By your neglect
By your anger

I only seek the love we once shared
I think back at what I thought we had
I hold onto hope that this is just a painful phase

We had a love so strong
We found our soul mate
We promised to be there for each other forever

Now, we grow further apart
Now, we share the same home but live two different lives
Now, we go out to enjoy company with others

And it leaves me wondering what went wrong
What did I do
That made you this way
What did I say
That pushed you away

Why can’t we work this out?
Is it too much to ask?
I just want us back
I just want us together
I just want us forever

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