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Why do I write?

I’m writing this because of the “Why I write” prompt fromĀ The Red Dress Club and because I just haven’t written anything for TRDC in a while. I’ve been…. unmotivated. In fact, I didn’t even realize what day (or date) it was this morning until I turned on the “internet” on my phone and read some tweets.

I’ve been writing since childhood, but I never really put much thought into why I write.


I write

To open the drain

To release the pain

To feel past the fear

To remember all I hold dear

Not to tell

But to remind others there’s more to life

Than sadness and strife


I write

To move

To free my mind

To pass go

To go everywhere

Not to leave what I have

But to remind others life is

What we make of it


I write

To free my spirit

To inspire my soul

To ignite the love

To infuse my passion

Not to forget

But to remind myself

That I hold the key to my own happiness


I write

To forget what I can’t let go

To remember what I have

To share with others

To let them know they aren’t alone

Not to teach

But to remind others to reach

Beyond what life brings


Why do you write?

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