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Wanna Man

Every so often I think about what kind of man

It is that I really want

After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea

So why can’t one of them be with me?

Every so often I sit down to think of a plan

On how to get the perfect man

Then one day the thoughts just began

Building in my mind – moving van after moving van

So I sat down to make this list over a soda can

And I thought, I wanna man

That’ll hold me tight

Night after night

I wanna man that’ll sing to me softly

And tell me that I’m al-ways right

I wanna man that’ll remember my name

Day after day who isn’t lame or insane

I wanna man that can’t forget my name

Calling me Roxanne, Diane or Joanne

Because my man needs to know

That my name makes me who I am

I wanna man who doesn’t live in a tin can

Who isn’t that over zealous sports fan

Who won’t pay me any attention

I wanna man that’ll whisper in my ears

Tells me he cares

Who wipes away my tears

And takes away all my fears

I wanna man who doesn’t drink straight out of the a milk can

Or belches to make himself a bigger man

I wanna man who isn’t afraid of a woman

Who pursues her dreams to be more than

The person every one thinks she can

I wanna man that knows I make him a better man

Who doesn’t take me for granted

Who doesn’t think I’ll be the housewife

For the remainder of my life

I wanna man who knows I can

Do anything I put my mind to

Who doesn’t hold me down

Because he thinks the man

Should be the one that brings home the bacon

I wanna man that’ll be there for me

That isn’t afraid of me being free

I wanna man that knows I don’t need a man

Because I just wanna man

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