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To my Valentine

This Valentine’s Day is a special one for me as I have two Valentines this year.

To the love of my life
14 years you’ve been here
You’ve given me strength to bare
All these crazy years
Taught me to live and laugh
To make me enjoy the days
And understand the ways
To share in the joy
Of all the things I hold dear
You are my knight in shining armor
We’ve had our ups and downs
I’ve had many smiles and many frowns
Through it all you’ve put up with me
You’ve fought through my insanity
my highs
my lows
And all I can say is Thank you
Without you I would not have made it to-and-fro

We celebrate this loving day together with our new addition Lil Man who makes us now a trio. Lil Man is our Valentine. When the days are hard, we look at him and his smile makes everything instantly better. Life is worth living because of our Lil man. We have been blessed by this little thing who is less than three feet tall. Tiny as he his, his smile has the biggest reach and just simply fills our lives with love and joy. To know he is here. Our little miracle of life who beat the odds to come to us and share in this life with us. To him, I say Thank You for finding your way into our lives.

I wish everyone all the love and joy in the world – it’s there. Love is everywhere. Just let it come into your life and enjoy it. From my family to yours Happy Valentine’s Day. May your lives be full of joy and happiness.

Photo by Stacey Ilyse Photography

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