creative writing


Loneliness is a terrible thing
It eats away at you inside
Slowly but surely
What ultimately results is sadness
And the feeling of uselessness

Even when you have a million friends
You can feel lonely
You can pretend to be happy
And fool the world
But ultimately, you will not fool yourself
And in trying to do so,
The feeling of loneliness enhances
And your life continues in the road of sadness

You begin to note
The few times you are truly happy
You begin to wonder
The reason for living
You begin to think about
The reason why you are here
You begin to question
Why you should remain

Loneliness becomes deeply engrained
In every part of your body
Loneliness becomes your ultimate
Push to sadness and depression
Loneliness becomes the reason
Why you lose all interest in life
Loneliness becomes the death of you

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