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For a friend….

Life kicked my ass today
And every day
In every way

Some days Life kicks my ass
Other days Life just laughs at me

Life is the biggest bully I’ve ever encountered
And I’ve been bullied by a lot of people
But no one has kicked my ass the hardest than Life

I try to ignore the insults and just walk on by
Like my momma taught me
I’ve tried to kick Life’s ass
Like my brother taught me
I may win a small battle or two
But, in the long run
Life wins the war

Life doesn’t care about my feelings
Sometimes I think Life just wants me to let it all go
And just die

Life doesn’t care when I cry
When I stay cooped up at home to hide
Life knocks on my doors
And tries to climb through my windows

Life just doesn’t want to leave me alone
And every day
Life…finds something new to throw in my way
Life makes fun of my decisions and problems
Life always gives me bruises
Some worse than others

Life bullies me into hiding
And when I hide, I always feel ridiculous
Because I don’t want to avoid Life
I want to love Life

Because through all the bullying
I still love Life
Because, let’s keep this between you and me,
I think Life can feel lonely too
And I think Life should be treated
The way I want to be treated
With love and happiness
Because in the end, Life…
Well that’s really all there is to Life
Isn’t it?

I think Life feels ignored
And out casted as much as I do
Because no one wants to love Life
Everyone’s afraid of Life
Because well…when Life kicks your ass once
You’ll understand
Why people want to avoid Life again

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