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    Review: Stride Rite Back to School Fall Fashion 2013 Footwear

    If there was ever a brand I truly loved, it’s Stride Rite. As a child, I vividly remember my mom taking me to Stride Rite twice a year to buy new shoes for school and for the Lunar New Year. I was always so excited to pick out a new pair. As an adult, I’m eager to have to my children fall in love with Stride Rite as much as I did. Whenever we’re at the mall, we drop into Stride Rite. My lil man always gets blown away by all the amount of shoes on display. When I was asked if I wanted samples of the new Fall Fashion…

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    Review: New Luvs NightLock Diapers and Giveaway

    This past week I’ve been participating in a Double Duty Divas campaign testing the new Luvs NightLock Diapers. I applied for the program for three reasons: The diapers we’re using now recently began not holding up overnight for my lil lady If they don’t leak during the night, they leak right when we pick her up from the crib and it gets “squished” when our arm pushes on the diaper or after she sits I was considering testing out the Luvs diaper brand, but hadn’t wanted to purchase a pack in case it didn’t work All in all, it was perfect timing because these diapers were made purposely for overnight…

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    Moodboard Monday: Beat the Heat with the Kids!

    This summer is one of the hottest! Be sure to cool down and have some fun in the sun with your kids with these summer activities right in your backyard. Resources: 5 Water Balloon Game Ideas: Local Fun for Kids Swimming Pool Scrabble: Toddler Approved Water Gun Tag: Parenting Splash & Score: Spoonful DIY Slip & Slide: Geek Dad Kiddie Car Wash: Mom Endeavors Shave Cream Slip & Slide: Play Create Explore Sponge Bombs: Whipperberry

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    Have Some Water Fun with D6 Surfskimmers and HangTen

    Have you heard of D6 Surfskimmers? I mentioned them last month because they were one of our awesome sponsors for the JerseyLove trip. There was also a great twitter party that generated tons of impressions. But, I haven’t really gone into a lot of detail on the boards, so I’m dedicating this post to the D6 Surf Skimmers today. During our JerseyLove trip, we spent a day in Belmar. The weather was terrible, but we hung out at DJais and some of our ladies bared the tropical storm and hit the waves with D6 and the Hangten surfboards: Some of the kids in our group took to the beach bravely…

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    Food at NJPAC NICO Kitchen #Newark

    Had a blast this past week hanging out with some of my fellow North Jersey NJDMoms and some of our kiddos. We decided to get together for a lunch and one of our members arranged for the NJPAC to generously host our luncheon at the NICO restaurant located in their facility. I cannot say enough about the staff. Everyone was very friendly and I know this service would have been the same even if they weren’t hosting us, plus we weren’t not expected to post about the NJPAC or the services. You might be saying, “of course they were nice to you, you were bloggers.” While this is possible, I feel…

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    Review: The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep

    A few weeks ago, I was selected to a read and review “The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep” by Harvey Karp, M.D. via the One2One Network. While my youngest began sleeping eight hour nights at two months, I signed up for the opportunity because we’re in the process of transitioning her into the crib so I thought it would be good to read up on some sleep training techniques from the beginning of the process. I was pretty excited to receive my copy from Harper Collins. And for the legalese – I didn’t received compensation for this. But I just realized I will be entered into a drawing for a free…

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    5 Cute Valentine’s Day Tutorials for Kids

    Valentine’s Day is coming up. What better way to spend the day than to do some crafts with your kids to decorate the house with love. Here are 5 cute Valentine’s Day tutorials that are easy to do with your kids: Two tutorials from How About Orange. Love her blog. Fabric Valentine heart garland and paper heart garland. Paper heart chain from Strumpets Crumpets, crayon hearts from Martha Stewart and adorable foxy valentine favors from P.S. Blog. Have fun! Do you have some Valentine’s Day tutorials to share? Leave a link in the comments. I’d love to see them and pin them to my Valentine’s Day pinterest board.

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    How to Remove Tomato Juice from Carpet

    A few weeks ago, lil man accidentally spilled some V8 on our light green carpet in the living room. Our carpet is 12 years old now so it actually looks much lighter. I thought it was a lost cause, but went through the process of trying to save the carpet anyway. I had a friend who swore by baking soda so I decided to give it a try. Here are the steps I took: Use paper towel to soak up the tomato juice as much as possible. Basically take the paper towel and push the paper towel into the carpet. I had to use several pieces of paper towel until…

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    Parent Tip: Folding Laundry

    When doing laundry fold as you pull them out of the dryer. It’s more efficient to fold the laundry while you’re taking it out the dryer so you don’t pile another task onto your to-do list.

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    Parent Tip: Stickers vs Stamps

      Teach your children the difference between stamps and stickers Kids love stickers. If they see a stamp they’ll likely think it’s a sticker. Explain to them what a stamp is for then show them. Three ways to do this: Take them with you when buying stamps and let them “pay” for the stamps at the counter Let them help you put postage on an envelope at home Take them to the post office and let them interact with the staff when you need to mail something. This will help reinforce that mailing things cost money. This will teach them the value of a stamp and you won’t need to…